Introducing: PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics

I believe that everyone deserves to look and feel as beautiful and special as their favorite celebrity, model, or public figure, and thinks it’s time you got what you deserve...
Prestidge Beaute’ bridges the gap between the Us & Them.
— Shawnelle Prestidge | Founder + Creator

Prestidge Beaute’ gives you direct access to the caliber of Makeup, Hair and Brow Tailoring talent, that service the most famous faces & global brands, right from your chosen device.

Whether it’s for a Wedding, Anniversary, Gala, Birthday, Interview, Reunion, or just because...Shawnelle is available to you.  She is an expert at making you look & feel red carpet ready.

From behind the scenes-straight to you...Prestidge Beaute’ is your direct access to the consummate Beauty Pro.