Naturally Glowing Skin




Suffering from wind-worn, dried out winter skin or over-exposed sun-damaged summer skin? Either way, Ageless Skin Serum has the regenerative, soothing, and repairing essential oils required to take dull, overworked and under-nourished skin and make it glow again! This skin serum is super easy to use, just follow our 5 simple steps!

STEP 1. Warm 5 to 7 drops between fingertips to activate the serum's properties. (If you have the rollerball, skip to step 2)

STEP 2.  Press (or roll) the warmed serum onto key facial points; under the eyes, along the cheeks, at your temples and forehead, the point of your chin, then along your neck and décolletage.

STEP 3. Starting with the delicate under-eye region, begin gently massaging the serum into your skin with your fingertips, working your way outward to the edges of your face and finishing with upward motions along your neck.

STEP 4. Usually, an additional moisturizer isn't necessary, but if you live in an arid region or the temperature drops below 40ºF followup with a good-quality lightweight moisturizer.

STEP 5. Go glow!


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