New Beauty: Skin Care Tips from Jane Fonda's Makeup Artist

Emily Rekstis from New Beauty recently contacted us with a solitary question: What is one skin care tip we would recommend for everyone, despite age, gender, or skin type? The answer is so simple, but often neglected. See the complete article here.

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Jane Fonda is an ageless beauty icon. So when her makeup artist, Shawnelle Prestidge, spoke with W about how the actress keeps her skin youthful , we couldn’t resist checking out Fonda's tricks.

There was one tip in particular that stood out as a good rule to follow when it comes to finding the best anti-aging products for anyone: hydration. "I was always after products that would hydrate to a noticeable degree," Prestidge said.

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However, Prestidge noted that most products available were full of nonorganic ingredients and synthetic fragrances. After some encouragement from Fonda, Prestidge decided to create her Ageless Skin Serum ($125), one of the five hero products of her Prestidge Beauté Active Organics line. "The aesthetician in me was very passionate and unconsciously on a mission to create what has come to be my hero product."


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