PbAO Resolutions for 2019



Last year was the biggest year yet for PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics. In the hustle and bustle of making product, processing orders, and working with stores
and shopping events, we've become more aware of the importance of balance in the process.

The beginning of a new year brings along thoughts of how we can learn and improve on the year before. So, we thought we'd share some of our goals for PbAO as well as our own personal goals for 2019!


We try to keep PbAO product as green as possible. By making small, precisely-measured batches, reusing packing materials we've received from ingredients and bottle shipments, forgoing boxed packaging or excess labeling, and having a close relationship with our local mail carrier (thanks, Walton!) to schedule pickups along his route in order to save gas, we are reducing waste and lowering the carbon footprint of our product. To top it all off, we've just switched to new shipping sleeves that are reusable. ♺  

Oh, and keep an eye out for special events this year, including Reiki sessions with Shawnelle! (More about that in a future email.)

Here's how we plan on making things even better!


Stay Small | Reach Far

As a small business, we love to support other small businesses. Expanding our in-store availability while focusing on small shops in niche locations will make our products easier to try and buy, while keeping on-brand with our philosophy. This also means we can continue to produce in small batches to ensure freshness.


Perks for You!

We love that you have been referring your friends, parents, siblings and the whole crew to us and we want to find a way to give thanks in a way that you would appreciate.

If you are interested in receiving referral perks, let us know here:



Give More

We started our rotating charity support toward the end of 2018 and want to keep the ball rolling! Every month, we will let you know which charity is featured on our site. If you'd like to donate, simply add your chosen dollar amount to your cart via our products page and checkout as usual! Have a charity you'd like us to feature? Send us your suggestions!



We also have a lot of personal growth to do!
Here's what's in store for the team at PbAO:



Founder + Creator

I was dealt a few devastating blows over the last few months, that came in the form of these statements-my almost 9 year old daughter very unapologetically dropped. "Mommy, you don't have time for me anymore." "I really miss you." "You love your phone more than love me," etc... which was, well, soul crushing. We spoke about how she misses my company and having fun with me and I realized somewhere along the year I had lost focus.

I want to dedicate this year to discovering what a healthy balance between nurturing my growing business and my loving family might look like, as well as carving out time for myself.

So my resolutions are, one, to spend more focused time with my best girl—dispelling with pre-occupation and really listening and talking to her, doing more of the things she loves to do—and getting through life's demands with a lot more ease, joy laughter and snuggles!

Two, going on more dates with my husband. Spending one-on-one time and strengthening our bond as partners in crime. We just had an absolute blast at a friends surprise 50th karaoke BDay party... which made me realize that all work and no play has made me a cross goi. (See what I did there?) How is it possible that I was forgetting how to have fun?? And consequently, since that wonderful eve, I have been experiencing my husband in a far more loving and light way!! And seeing the joy it brought to my husband-to watch me have fun-made me realize that we still have so much love for one another other! (We're rounding the corner of 17 years-yikes!)

And three, SELF CARE. I just got certified in Access Bars-with Josá Goodlifewhich I am significantly feeling the positive effects of-Namaste Maha Rose! I've begun morning meditation again and am also enjoying my kickass pilates classes—cheers East River Pilates!  Next step: a nice massage and some mama time—Thank you Franny!!



Web + Marketing Design Manager

My resolutions mostly revolve around being conscious of how I spend my time and slowly improving myself, body and soul. 

I've downloaded an app (Slumber) to help me fall asleep faster at night, allowing me to feel more refreshed and wake up earlier than usual. I'm participating in Dry January, after all the holiday celebration, and this will also help me get some shut-eye. I've just subscribed to Daily Harvest to jumpstart my journey toward eating healthier, learning which ingredients go well together (I'm a terrible cook), and getting a nutrient or two on a daily basis.

I've also made a list of fun goals to achieve over the weekend, motivating me to get up, get out, and unplug; like visiting a museum, hiking upstate, or volunteer dog walking at Barc Shelter.



Paid Marketing Director

My goal for this year is to be grateful for every day, living with intention and appreciating every moment. I want to hold myself accountable daily, and instead of striving for perfection, just focus on staying in the now.

I've been listening to this podcast, The Expanded with Lacy Phillips, which is a guided meditation on fulfilling your dreams and it has been very inspiring so far!

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