The Gradual Unplug

Zapping Tech Stress For A Healthier Life Balance



There is  a ton of advice out there about how to unplug and keep away from your phone or laptop for three days straight only to lead you running back to your instagram page and your inbox with just as much stress as ever.

Instead of going cold turkey, here are a few lifestyle changes you can make to regulate the impact of tech distractions without unrealistic expectations.


WRAP UP YOUR EMAILS is a serious time-saver and mind-saver if you get pings of stress 

The way works is it pulls all your recent email contacts and you sort these contacts into "Keep," "Unsubscribe," or "Rollup." Contacts you Keep will continue to appear in your inbox, same as usual. For contacts you Unsubscribe from, will automatically remove you from their mailing list. Done and done.



It's so easy to get lost in the infiniteness of the internet. Ever start off going on your phone to send message or check up on a social media post and find yourself disoriented and time-warped 30 minutes later? Us too. A good way to combat this is to set a timer on your phone when you go to browse Instagram or Facebook to remind you: "Hey, friend, you've got things to do!"



There is a wonderful, new-ish feature on most phones now, called Do Not Disturb, that will keep your phone from visually or audibly notifying you past a certain time or with designated contacts. This feature is glorious for separating business hours from personal hours, especially if you work from home. 

You'll find that turning off the sound and notifications on your apps or even for any non-VIP contacts will free up so much quality time for you to spend with your nearest and dearest.



When all else fails, don't be too hard on yourself.  On the contrary, take a deep breath or five, then treat yourself to a nurturing moment with our re-centering, energy elevating everything-mist, Sacred Tonic.  

Latisha Bevel