Upcycling with PbAO




PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics uses high-quality glass to bottle Ageless Skin Serum, so it makes sense if you don't want to throw it out once you've depleted your serum. After you've washed, dried, and peeled off our (very easy peel) labels,  here are a few D.I.Y. ideas of how you can repurpose your glass bottle:



The bottles used for Ageless Skin Serum and Sacred Tonic are already prime for holding essential oils. Try adding your own essential oil blends into an empty bottle along with diffuser reeds, for a long lasting natural air freshener, or if you've used the Sacred Tonic bottle, just recap the spritzer for a homemade room spray. You could also use these bottles as a sleek, minimal holders for your favorite incense sticks!



Because our bottles and containers are naturally great for storing perishables—BONUS: the violet glass used for Ageless Skin Serum is naturally preservational—like dried herbs, minced garlic, homemade sauces, and baking extracts.


Home + Office Decor

Add a sprig of greenery to your office by using our Ageless Skin Serum or Sacred Tonic to hold a small arrangement of freshly picked flowers. The healing salve tin also makes for a great tealight holder for some mood lighting at home.



About Violet Glass 

Miron violet glass is naturally preservational because prevents the exposure of light to pass through (all except light in the violet spectrum). In that light, violet glass preserves its contents by preventing photoaging. As an added bonus, the violet spectral light that does make it through the glass protects and improves the quality of ingredients.

Like much of our packaging and packing materials, violet glass is fully recyclable.


More About Our Packaging

PbAO is very conscious of the materials used in the production, packaging, and shipping of our products.

We repurpose the packing peanuts included with the shipments of our ingredients to protect the products that ship out for your orders from our website. We have also invested in tissue paper from a company that has an Eco-Packing Alliance and plants trees for every order placed. Kindly help us continue the ‘cycle’ by recycling your packaging once you've finished loving our products! 

Latisha Bevel