Surviving Winter: The Skincare Editon

Photograph by Jeff Bark / Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge

Photograph by Jeff Bark / Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge

Looking fresh and glowing through the dry, windy winter months is no longer a thing of Hollywood lore. See how you can have 24 hour access to amazing skin through the roughest seasons of the year!

Photograph by Jeff Bark Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge

Photograph by Jeff Bark
Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge


Winter is tough on skin, but it's not all bad. Some winter skin benefits, depending on your climate, include increased blood circulation which means decreased puffiness and inflammation, as well as a natural blushing effect for rosy cheeks.

That said, here's how to deal with the rougher aspects of winter weather and skincare.



With cleaner winter air also comes dryness to the nth degree. It may go without saying, but you'll probably need to change up your skincare routine when the dry months hit.

This means being careful about your exfoliants. Something as simple as adding a dime size amount of baking soda to your moisturizing face wash will do wonders for exfoliation, without the irritation brought on by most physical exfoliants in the winter.

You may also want to swap out astringent, oil-stripping products for more nourishing and moisturizing varieties.



Luckily these skin dilemmas are easily corrected!

Though the philosophy of PbAO is minimal multi-beneficial skin care, we know everyone's skin is different and may require some extra care during harsh weather. Here are our suggestions for how to keep your skin moisturized, smooth, lifted, and nourished throughout.


A Clean Slate:

Your cleanser will be your first layer for winter skincare. We suggest moisturizing cleansers like the ones below. These are both highly accessible and fragrance-free with a low lather formula that doesn't strip skin of its natural oils.


Hydrating Duo:

Instead of an astringent, try using a hydrating toner paired with a nourishing, naturally sun-protectant face oil. We suggest spritzing on Sacred Tonic and allowing it to absorb before applying Ageless Skin Serum.



Lock in your toner and face oil with a rich, protective moisturizer. Think of it as the parka that will protect the serum—your cashmere layer.


Protective Shell:

For extra-sensitive or already irritated areas of skin, top off with an ultra moisturizing lip balm and our all-in-one recovery salve.

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