W Magazine Feature: Jane Fonda’s Makeup Guru Shares the Tricks That Will Keep You Looking Young Forever

We are so excited to announce Shawnelle's feature interview with W Magazine on the origin behind PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics, the inspirational Jane Fonda, who sparked the flame behind the creation of Ageless Skin Serum, and the importance of using organic products on and in your body.

Here are some highlights from the article, but click through to read the entire interview!

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Latisha Bevel
PbAO Curated Product List: Pride Edition

Pride may be over in NYC, but if you travel long enough, the celebration could last forever! As the rest of the world continues to celebrate and fight for the growing rights, causes, and embracement of our LGBTQ+ family, check out our list of summer essentials from inclusive companies.

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Naturally Glowing Skin

Suffering from wind-worn, dried out winter skin or over-exposed sun-damaged summer skin? Either way, Ageless Skin Serum has the regenerative, soothing, and repairing essential oils required to take dull, overworked and under-nourished skin and make it glow again! This skin serum is super easy to use, just follow our 5 simple steps!

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Introducing: PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics

Prestidge Beaute’ gives you direct access to the caliber of Makeup, Hair and Brow Tailoring talent, that service the most famous faces & global brands, right from your chosen device.

Whether it’s for a Wedding, Anniversary, Gala, Birthday, Interview, Reunion, or just because...Shawnelle is available to you.  She is an expert at making you look & feel red carpet ready.

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