I am REALLY loving the Ageless SKin’s so light weight yet completely luxurious feeling and I am so incredibly impressed by the “lift” it gives! I’ve never seen another oil do that and the first time I used it on my neck I was absolutely floored by how much it lifted and helped soften my necklace lines!!!

Shawnelle introduced me to her fabulous AGELESS SKIN SERUM and it was beyond what I even knew was possible in any product-let alone an organic one. Instantly my skin was hydrated, my dreaded under eyes bags were smoothed, my fine lines had softened, and overall my whole face was lifted and the texture was greatly improved. Now that it is summer-since using this amazing product-I no longer need foundation…just a touch of concealer and powder and my skin is radiant. If you want to see dramatic results immediately-try this pure, superior, product that is made with love!



"Shawnelle came up to me at a shoot out of nowhere like an anti-aging angel and put some serum on one side of my (puffy-eyed) face then flitted back to her set. Five minutes later I looked in the mirror and the side where she applied this magic serum was NOT PUFFY and glowing! So I spent the next ten minutes running around looking for her to repeat this on the other side. Needless to say, I’m hooked. p.s. it also smells like heaven,”


I bought some of Shawnelle’s product (Ageless Skin Serum) at a Brooklyn shopping day (BKLYN SHOPS)  and am completely obsessed with it. IT WORKS. It smells amazing, feels so good, and it really does take down puffiness and somehow smooth the skin so well that it reduce the appearance of some of my lines. I can’t actually believe how great it is – usually skin stuff just feels nice, but this one is next level.

That Serum (Ageless Skin)-that is-is freakin’ AMAZING! For real though! That’s some seriously good s**t! And I’m kind of an expert. I LOVE IT AND CRAVE IT. I’m super happy to be united with my little friend!
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By Britt Bergmeister

If you want your skin to look clean and clear with an effortless glow (ahem Shawnelle, who looks 15 years younger than she actually is...), this is her secret my friends! Prestidge Beaute’ Active Organics is the perfect complimentary product to any ODM on the go...(read more here)

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4. Healing Salve
I use this salve for my acne and redness. I have sensitive skin that also breaks out. This stuff heals acne overnight. And the best part is, it’s organic! Most acne treatments are made with harsh chemicals. It also helps with the redness I have in my face after washing it. This brand is affordable and really truly works miracles! The woman who makes this skin care line puts so much love and integrity into her products. We both wouldn’t sell you on anything that doesn’t work!!! 🙂

By Natalie Torres | Model + Trainer + Healer

Kate Kittredge-A devout user of Ageless Skin Serum-watch her reaction after having it applied for the first time to just the camera right side of her face.


After a few short weeks of using Ageless Skin Serum my skin has transformed making it radiant, erasing fine lines and restoring skin texture. I’ve never felt so hydrated and clear. This is my new go to product!!

I’ve been using Ageless Skin Serum and I look like I’m getting 10 hours of sleep when I’ve only been getting 6-It’s incredible. My smile lines (that aren’t so funny) have all but vanished. I LOVE this product!
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" I have been dealing with acne lately all over my chin and forehead, but as soon as I was introduced to Ageless Skin Serum, my skin immediately felt soothed and hydrated, and my acne began heal within days. This behind the scenes picture was taken a couple weeks after I started using it-I can't live without it



Prestidge Beauté Ageless Skin Serum"People are all over Vintner's Daughter right now, but this is better and less expensive......the woman behind the brand is an industry titan, including being Jane Fonda’s make-up artist for over a decade."


I LOVE the Ageless Skin Serum + Healing Salve-it’s the organic skin care one, two punch. Whenever I have a blemish, I apply a small amount every few hours and it makes it-poof-disappear. You can even put makeup over it to conceal. The first time I used Healing Salve-I was stunned-I had a blemish that was tender, sizable and just coming in-and the very next day-it was GONE! HOW??? It’s TRULY magic!

"Shawnelle gave me a tester of the Ageless Skin Serum to try and I would have used it just because it smelled so fantastic. But within a day or two I already noticed the fine smile lines around my mouth and the scowl lines between my eyes practically disappear. The skin under and around my eyes started to plump up within a week. I can't wait to see how my skin will look after a month or two. It just keeps getting better."

When I first found Shawnelle’s products, I had begun to feel my skin was looking tired and had noticed my laugh lines were getting more noticeable. The serum almost instantly made my skin look naturally radiant and my laugh lines seemed much less noticeable. The product smells amazing and I can feel it really penetrating my skin all day long. I’m so glad I found this serum; it’s an actual dream of a product.