TESTIMONIALS, PRAISE + PRESS are wonderful and an incredible honor to be the recipient of, but we ALL LOVE a good old fashioned BEFORE + AFTER-don't we? So with that in mind...I give you REAL PEOPLE / REAL RESULTS.  A Gallery dedicated to the REAL RESULTS that REAL PEOPLE are experiencing with PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics. Enjoy!


Want to share your before + after images?

If you'd like to share your before and after result photos, we'd like to gift you a $50 E-Card to use toward your next purchase on the PRESTIDGE beauté website!

To submit:

  1. Make sure you have plenty of natural light for your photo and that you're not wearing any face makeup.
  2. Snap a photo before you apply your daily dose of Ageless Skin Serum (and or Healing Salve).
  3. After applying Ageless Skin Serum to either all or half of your face, wait about 5 to 10 minutes (or day 1, day 2, etc if using the addition of Healing Salve to treat breakout or acne) and take another selfie. (You'll want to make sure that you use direct frontal consistent light so that your pictures renders a comparable difference!!) 
  4. Send both or all pics in to prestidgebeaute@gmail.com along with info of which product you used (you can submit for either Ageless Skin Serum and/or Healing Salve-Please specify) and the time duration between snaps.
  5. You're all set! We'll review your submission and give you a code for $50.00 to use toward your next purchase of $75 or more if your photos are found suitable for use for social and promotional purposes.

*By submitting your images, you are agreeing to allow PRESTIDGE beauté, INC to use your images for promotional campaigns and on our website. We will not share your info or your images with third parties.