Dress up your space WITH SKINCARE

Our skincare is a ritual, our holy grail. 

It means a lot to us, and it should!

We partake in our regimen at least twice a day. Skincare is like a hug to yourself, a symbolic serum bottle of comfort and peace.

With something that feels so meaningful, why not integrate our skincare products into our daily lives as a part of our home decor. 

Sometimes the lineup of clutter by the bathroom sink doesn’t feel like we are doing our skincare justice. It’s not the stage or aesthetic our skincare deserves. 

Let’s fix that shall we..

Scrolling through Pinterest can feel overwhelming with beauty decor.

You have probably seen something like this..

Now don’t get us wrong, we are skincare addicts too but..

With these few tips and tricks you wont need the oversized vanity, 3 tiered shelf, and half your desk dedicated to your skincare products display.

1. The Power of the Beauty Tray

Perfect for the woman on the GO

Beauty Tray’s are an aesthetic but utilitarian way to place your skincare. It brings a pop of color to let your beloved products shine while allowing quick placement when you’re in a rush. Standing or laying your products never looks out of place on a beauty tray! 

BUT beauty trays don’t have to be taken so literal!

Let your skincare feel more Zen with a crystal slab accent purposed as a tray!

                 For the Spiritual Walker

Encompass the Crystals and Reiki to guide good energy through each morning and nighttime ritual. 

If you have just one “live by” product and it is your absolute GO - TO, embrace it and give your beloved possession center stage for all its glory and wonders.

                   A Minimalist’s Craft


          Something Vintage, Something Green 

A small art piece or vintage dish will keep your space looking youthful and refreshed. It is a beautiful centerpiece for your precious gem. A little plant for some added greenery and texture always elevates and completes the look.

2. Your Skincare Oasis


A Goddess's One and Done 

Brass accents in the shower are a divine placeholder for your products if you like to apply your skincare while your pores are fresh, open, and clean. An Oasis shower set up is the ultimate at home spa for your daily routine. If your shower does not have hardware, not to worry! Shop small businesses on places like Etsy to find unique and personalized shower shelves for your skincare decor needs.

If a warm shower isn’t your cup of tea, try a brass lined small table with a glass surface for added luxury. It can sit alongside your bath for arms reach access to promote ultimate relaxation. Bathroom trays are a perfect addition to set a glass of wine, piece of literature, and a plush hand towel. Nestle down, soak, and have all your gems right at reach. 


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3. Daily Little Treasures 

                         Hobbies, Knick Knacks, & Skincare

         Mean Girls Movie Moment revised. “You can  sit with us”

YES. Your skincare can be just as much a part of your life as your other daily items and necessities. Whether it be a desk corner, book shelf, or top of your dresser it draws the eye in with new shapes, sizes, and textures. This will free up your bathroom counter while completing your bedroom storage with a few personal and functional items. 


If you apply your makeup at your desk, a small wall shelf above works great. It declutters the area by keeping the products off the surface, while giving them a fun and functional display. Accessorize with your “can’t leave the house without” sunnies and a staple gold necklace or earrings.

There is a deep connection between skincare products and you. 

They pamper, nourish, and walk a journey with you throughout your life.

Living with your products as a cherished piece of decoration is a mighty reminder to continue to indulge in daily rituals and choices that promote self care and self love. 

To be  g e n t l e  &  k i n d  to not only your skin, but to yourself. 

It provides consistent inspiration to your wellness journey, while harmonizing with other meaningful parts of our daily lives. 

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