The beautiful opaque blue colored bottles by Miron-are referred to as ‘violet’ glass. It was first developed as containers for a line of energetic medicines in Cypress. The glass was chosen because violet light shows the highest vibration frequency (720 – 770 billion Hertz) of all colors, corresponding exactly to the vibration frequency of our central nervous system.

 Miron glass has outstanding proof of being able to preserve substances contained within for long periods of time. Normal tap water, for instance, has been kept fresh in a violet glass jar for over 3 years without the need for any additives to preserve it. Highly perishable substances such as a tomatoes have been tested to remain fresh after 7 months in a Miron Glass Jar, as well as chives maintaining freshness after 2 months. I know-mind-blowing!

 Sunlight (the full spectrum of visible light rays) enables all plants to grow. If they continue to be exposed to the sun after reaching maturity, the effect of the light changes and accelerates the molecular decaying process.

Miron glass was developed by the Swiss scientist Yves Kraushaar following 14 years of research. The secret of this special glass is based on the fact that the molecular structure of any substance is permanently activated and energized by “violet life radiation.” This also explains the violet glass’s high natural preservation capacity.