VOGUE the ONE serum “I’m pretty conscious about anything that I put in my body or on my body—the more natural it is, the better, the more I trust it,” says Araks Yeramyan, espousing the ethos that has made Prestidge Beaute's Ageless Skin Serum her go-to secret for a gentle glow.
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“It is simply paramount, when doing makeup on mature skin, to begin with the right skincare. The right skincare creates the perfect moisturized, buoyant, and smooth surface, and it also ensures extended wear of whatever makeup you apply after. While working with Jane Fonda, I always sought products that would help plump, iron-out, and smooth fine lines while firming-up loose skin, particularly under the eyes and on the eyelid. To meet that need I created Ageless Skin Serum, which is now always my first step. I use it all around the eyes and then work it into the face and neck, gently pressing and working in upward motions.”
—Shawnelle Prestidge, clients include Jane Fonda
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Not only does it smell great, it also helps clear up blemishes and moisturizes and calms the skin. Once rubbed in, this serum works well under makeup -- it doesn't leave skin looking greasy or shiny, and products go on so smoothly over top.
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September 16 - 29, 2019
[Shawnelle Prestidge created] deeply healing-small batch organic skin care products. The result is high quality, all natural products made with ingredients from conscious growers all over the world, complete with a healing form of reiki. To say we are obsessed is an understatement


“Shawnelle introduced me to her fabulous Ageless Skin Serum and it was beyond what I even knew was possible in any product - let alone an organic one. Instantly my skin was hydrated, my dreaded under eye bags were smoothed, my find lines had softened, and overall my whole face was lifted and the texture was greatly improved. Now during summer - since using this amazing product - I no longer need foundation...just a touch of concealer and powder and my skin is radiant. If you want to see dramatic results immediately - try this pure, superior, product that is made with love!
“Shawnelle came up to me at a shoot out of nowhere like an anti-aging angel and put some serum on one side of my (puffy-eyed) face then flitted back to her set. Five minutes later I looked in the mirror and the side where she applied this magic serum was not puffy and glowing! So I spent the next ten minutes running around looking for her to repeat this on the other side. Needless to say, I'm hooked. P.S. It also smells like heaven.
“I have been dealing with acne lately all over my chin and forehead, but as soon as I was introduced to Ageless Skin Serum, my skin immediately felt soothed and hydrated, and my acne began healing within days. This picture was taken a couple weeks after I started using it - I can’t live without it”

I am really loving the Ageless Skin's so light weight yet completely luxurious feeling and I am so incredibly impressed by the 'lift' it gives! I've never seen another oil do that and the first time I used it on my neck I was absolutely floored by how much it lifted and helped soften my necklace lines!!!
“When I first found Shawnelle’s products, I had begun to feel my skin was looking tired and had noticed my laugh lines were getting more noticeable. The serum almost instantly made my skin look naturally radiant and my laugh lines seemed much less noticeable. The product smells amazing and I can feel it really penetrating my skin all day long. I’m so glad I found this serum; it’s an actual dream of a product.”