At PRESTIDGE beauté, each formulation is meticulously handcrafted in my Brooklyn studio with a deep sense of purpose and gratitude. Infused with Reiki and other sacred modalities, our skincare line reflects my steadfast commitment to excellence.

Our mission is to curate a superlative range that transcends conventional beauty standards, while fostering a culture of acceptance and inclusivity. Through this conscious approach, we aspire to evoke a holistic ritual, enveloping you in a transformative journey that resonates well beyond the surface. Crafted for all ages and skin types, our products beckon you to embrace the pinnacle of your individual beauty.


Shawnelle Prestidge | FOUNDER + CEO | Mom + Wife

Shawnelle Prestidge / Skin by PRESTIDGE beauté /
Photo by Bryan Bedder
Jane Fonda-Harpers Bazaar/Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge/Photo by Nino Munoz
Jane Fonda-Harpers Bazaar/Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge/Photo by Nino Munoz



Embark on a journey with Shawnelle Prestidge, esteemed celebrity makeup artist, former beauty editor, and the visionary behind PRESTIDGE beauté. After decades of honing her craft in collaboration with global beauty brands and corporate giants, Shawnelle's path took a poignant turn, driven by a personal need to navigate through family trauma. This pivotal moment sparked the genesis of PRESTIDGE beauté, a skincare line born of purpose and intention.


Driven by an unwavering pursuit to address unmet needs in the skincare space, Shawnelle's formulations swiftly evolved to confront the ever-growing list of skin needs, self-care and sustainability. With each formulation, she poured her heart into bridging the gap, catering to the diverse needs of industry peers, friends, and family alike. Pb emerged as a beacon of alchemy, offering transformational results that resonate across a spectrum as wide as the horizon.


At the core of Shawnelle's mission lies a commitment to provide you with products charged with healing Reiki energy, meticulously formulated to multitask, correct, and elevate with unparalleled efficacy. With Pb, she invites you to bid farewell to a belabored skincare routine, replacing it with a beloved ritual-worthy selection of potent curated essentials that redefine the beauty landscape.

At PbAO, we pride ourselves on harnessing an unparalleled fusion of the world's most nourishing antioxidant-rich, organic plant botanicals, intricately intertwined with the healing art of Reiki, to provide sustenance for both your skin and spirit.


Our commitment extends beyond mere product creation; it's a dedication to a higher standard of beauty. Tested on luminaries of the entertainment industry, models, and esteemed colleagues, never on our cherished animals, each batch is thoughtfully crafted in my Brooklyn sanctuary. Here, we blend only the finest grade organic, wild-harvested, and natural ingredients sourced conscientiously from dedicated growers around the globe.


Our formulations bear the badge of purity, free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, or SLSs. As champions of sustainability, we tread lightly upon the earth, embracing recycled, upcycled, and repurposed materials at every stage of production.


I, Shawnelle Prestidge, stand as the proud Founder and CEO of PRESTIDGE beauté, but above all, as a devoted mother and wife. It is with passion and purpose that I invite you to experience the transformative power of our elixirs, designed not only to nourish your skin but to elevate your entire being.

Zoe Saldana / Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge /
Photo by Sarra Fleur