"PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics are lovingly made with bare hands and a whole heart in my Brooklyn studio employing Reiki & other healing modalities. As the creator + founder of PbAO, my mission has been to create a powerful organic skincare line that promotes “skinceptance” + “skinclusivity”— inspiring a holistic ritual that embraces and nourishes you from the outside in. It’s for all skin types of every age, under one roof, sun, and sky!



Shawnelle Prestidge / Skin by PRESTIDGE beauté /
Photo by Bryan Bedder
Jane Fonda-Harpers Bazaar/Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge/Photo by Nino Munoz
Jane Fonda-Harpers Bazaar/Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge/Photo by Nino Munoz



Meet Shawnelle Prestidge, celebrity makeup artist, former beauty editor and clean beauty CEO. Several decades into her career working with global beauty brands and corporate giants, Shawnelle set about the alchemy of a reimagined skincare line born out of a need to help heal a family trauma. This turning point marked the beginning of PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics. The first formulation quickly evolved to target the growing list of skin and environmental concerns that continually went unmet, so she dedicated her time to filling that void!

PbAO was designed to deliver transformational results for industry peers, friends, and family, meeting vastly differing needs as far ranging as it gets, to promote rebalancing for all. She’s on a mission to offer you Reiki-charged, multi-tasking, corrective, clean, cruelty-free products that replace your impotent many with her powerful few!

PbAO uses an incomparable blend of the world’s most nutritious antioxidant-rich, organic plant botanicals paired with the alternative medicine of Reiki healing to deliver soul food for your skin and spirits.

Our products are tested on celebrities, models, and industry peers, never on animals! Every batch is treated like a custom blend in my Brooklyn studio with the finest grade organic, wild-harvested and natural ingredients from conscious growers the world over.

They are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, or SLSs. We are environmentally focused and use recycled, upcycled, and repurposed materials wherever possible for all stages of our production.


Shawnelle Prestidge | Founder + CEO of PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics | Mom + Wife

Zoe Saldana / Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge /
Photo by Sarra Fleur