Clean Beauty Day Ritual

This coming July 15th, we invite you to celebrate National Clean Beauty Day with a focus on mindful luxury. At PRESTIDGE beauté, we believe true beauty transcends the surface. It's a harmonious dance between the spirit + mind + body, a symphony conducted by the potent energy of nature's finest ingredients.

This National Clean Beauty Day, let's go beyond the excess and reconnect with the pure essence of self-care. Our philosophy revolves around effortless luxury. We offer multi-tasking topicals designed to streamline your routine, allowing your inner light to radiate outward with unparalleled brilliance.

A Holistic Ritual

Awaken the Spirit

As the first light streams through, greet the day with a quiet meditation. Imagine yourself bathed in its golden glow, a reminder of the radiant spirit within. Breathe deeply, inhaling peace and exhaling any anxieties that may be present. 


To further enhance this tranquil moment, consider lighting a calming candle from LES FUMÉES. With ingredients sourced from France, this luxurious candle offers a sensory experience that complements your meditation perfectly. The calming notes of clary sage, known for its grounding properties, intertwine with the sweetness of vanilla and the warm, balsamic touch of myrrh, creating an atmosphere that gently promotes mindfulness.

Gratitude & Inner Peace

Take a deep breath, letting the peace of your meditation flow throughout your being. Appreciate the way your skin feels – nourished, pampered, and undeniably radiant. This moment of gratitude extends beyond the physical, acknowledging the interconnectedness of your spirit, mind, and body.


Throughout the day, continue to nourish your inner sanctuary. Sip on a cup of calming herbal tea, like Palais des Thés' Chamomile spices. This gentle blend is caffeine-free and sourced from organic farming, and is renowned for its soothing properties. Let the delicate floral aroma and calming warmth seep into your being, further promoting inner peace.

Expand Your Wellness Journey

Recently, I've been on a path of self-discovery, and I've unearthed some incredible resources that have been transformative. Let me share:


❋ Unveiling the Secrets Within:  Because of my ongoing weight gain, brain fog & low energy at 55, I recently took the full body intelligence test from Viome. It’s so fascinating and exciting! This at-home experience analyzes my genes and microbiome, revealing a whole new understanding of my gut health and cellular intelligence. It feels so promising unlocking the secret code to my own body! Now, it’s setting me on a course to make scientifically informed choices about what nourishes my body best. I'm just at the precipice and can’t wait to share more…so stay tuned. 


❋ Fueling My Body with Nature's Bounty: After a spike in arthritic pain in my left ankle, I've also been enjoying Thistle - a delicious plant-based meal delivery service. It's amazing how convenient and healthy it can be! This service offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, all crafted with plant-powered and earth-sourced protein for my entire family. The flavors are divine, and I love knowing I'm nourishing my body and providing options for my family with the best the Earth has to offer. It's effortless and aligns perfectly with my focus on holistic well-being, and since I’ve switched to this high-fiber solution, my persistent pain has waned significantly to very infrequently, and lately - none. 

Nourish & Nurture from the Outside In

❋ Unlock Ageless Beauty: Here's where the magic begins. Apply a few drops of our Ageless Skin Serum. This multi-faceted wonder formulated with potent botanicals acts as an eye, face, and neck serum, working to moisturize, firm, and diminish fine lines. It evens skin tone and treats breakouts, all while leaving your skin feeling noticeably lifted, plumper, soothed, and softened. It's a testament to nature's ability to help us bloom agelessly.

❋ Awaken Your Sacred Glow: Before & After Ageless Skin Serum, enjoy a generous spritz of our Sacred Tonic. This humectant tonic isn't just a toner; it soothes and hydrates, revitalizing tired skin and setting your makeup for a flawless finish. But most importantly, it invites an elevated state of being, a subtle shift in energy that reminds you of the sacred essence you embody.

❋ For Complete Care: If you're looking to truly cultivate a holistic skincare garden, consider the Skin Sustenance Set. This trio combines the Ageless Skin Serum and Sacred Tonic with our Healing Salve, a nourishing balm packed with essential oils that promote cell regeneration and inhibit bacterial growth. It's perfect for addressing blemishes, minor cuts, or even sunburns, ensuring your inner bloom thrives no matter what.

Savor the exquisite textures and intoxicatingly natural fragrances of these PRESTIDGE beauté topicals – a mini-ritual of self-love with a big impact for your skin & senses.

Final Thoughts

National Clean Beauty Day with PRESTIDGE beauté is more than a skincare routine; it's a philosophy for a life of mindful luxury. By simplifying your beauty regimen and embracing the power of clean, multi-tasking products, you create space for your inner light to flourish. Let this day be a reminder to celebrate the natural radiance that resides within you. We empower you to embark on a journey of effortless luxury, where outer beauty becomes a reflection of the vibrant spirit that dwells within.

See our full collection and unlock the power of clean beauty.

With Purpose + Gratitude,


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