A Self-Care List of Questions to Ask Yourself Daily ...

Self-care isn't just a buzz word - it's a call to strengthen your conscience. We believe that balancing your equilibrium will bolster standing up for equality. With a stronger constitution, YOU can achieve anything.

Skincare today is widely talked about. It feels trendy, everyone is doing it. Wondering why everyone is investing more time and money into skincare? It’s the latest twist on a longstanding insatiable craving!

Our days are jam packed with errands, demands, and have to be’s. With a pandemic, social distancing, and our lives transitioning to a new normal, this change can be very uncomfortable.

You may be wondering “how can my skincare routine possibly assist in bettering my day and my sleep?” 

All it takes is 5 minutes to yourself in the morning and 5 minutes to yourself before bed to receive the mental and physical health benefits of a skincare routine.

Skincare is a Scheduled Time Set Aside for Yourself Each Day!

No blue light screens, no talking, just mindful caresses with your bare hands & skin sustenance directly from Mother Earth. Remote days can start to blend together and a loss of structure can feel like a loss of purpose. Taking time for your skin each morning and each night is prepping not only your skin but your mind as well. The routine sends cognitive triggers to your brain to associate feeling ready for the day or relaxed for bedtime. 

Who else feels ready to take on the day after they had their first cup of coffee? Having a skincare ritual provides similar effects of readiness to take on the day.

Taking care of your skin is a ritual of self love to offer stability & comfort. It reinforces the pathways in our minds the importance to recharge & refresh or release & relax - not only in our body’s but our minds as well.

In a time with so much uncertainty, having a comfortable & accessible setting where you always feel safe and relaxed is vital. This place can be at your bathroom sink, or vanity and here's a strong argument why this is beneficial...

Going through the Motions of your Skincare Delivers the Benefits of Meditation. 

The simple act of skin preparation is an opportunity for mindfulness. Mindfulness is a type of meditation where you become intensely aware of your senses and feelings in the moment. It is free of interpretation and judgement and is merely based on breathing and feeling. 

Some mindful thoughts:

Feeling the warm water cupped in your hands.

Bringing the warm water to your face and feeling it trickle down.

Observing the texture of a cleansed face. 

Warming your serum between your fingertips.

Deeply experiencing the heavenly scent of the aromatherapeutic oil.

Acknowledging and appreciating each part of your lovely face.

Gently massaging the warm, healing skin nutrition into every inch of your face & neck all the way down to your décolleté. 

Anxiety pulls our minds to stress over the future and depression pushes our minds to analyze the past. 

Mindfulness brings our minds to the present and stabilizes a resting heart rate that allows the mind to think more clearly & positively. 

Wards Off the Worry Spirals. 

Our morning and nightly rituals take place during the two highest worry points of the day. Waking up and going to bed are quiet moments where our minds like to run wild. 

Taking just 5 minutes, morning and night, to feel the water cradle your skin and trickle off, mindfully take in the texture of your skin and lovingly give it the care it needs...touching your skin gets you out of your head and focused on what you are doing. 

A Regular Skincare Pamper Session Boosts Your Mood. 

When we think of masks, serums, moisturizers, warm towels, etc. our shoulders practically slouch and relax at the mere thought. When we set in place a “lived by” ritual, we give ourselves something to look forward to. It is something we can partake in each day that makes us feel good...all referring back to the self-honoring checklist above, that each day we should do something we enjoy! 

The buildup of excitement to get home and slip into your pjs, washing away the film of the day, taking a deep inhale, and plopping down to watch a movie or connect with someone you love -  all have positive health effects for managing a stressful day. 



Skin Rituals allow us to Live in Harmony with the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.


It is the one time in the day when our mind, body, and soul is presently in one place, together. When we go about our ritual, it sends a message that “Hey, I am worthy.” Self care restores and amplifies self love

A few step routine reminds us to be patient, present, balanced, and kind to ourselves.

Convinced yet? Want to get started on a holistic ritual that embraces + nourishes you from the Outside I N?

Start NOW by employing reiki-charged active botanicals, and carving out time just for Y o u r s e l f

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. By incorporating Reiki symbols & “hands-on” healing techniques into every batch - each user receives "universal life energy" that’s been transferred to encourage emotional or physical healing!

Here’s what your ritual

can look like:


Step 1. Start with SACRED TONIC...

This humectant hydrosol mist from the best skincare line for sensitive skin, preps your skin for moisture and rehydrates your skin throughout the day while setting your mind at ease with its hormone balancing essential oils & heavenly scent...

Step 2. Apply your AGELESS SKIN SERUM...

This active botanical serum is comprised of an incomparable blend of nutrient-dense organic botanicals-delivering a powerhouse AM/PM Super-moisturizer designed to rebalance depleted skin, smooth out & plump mature textured skin and heal & equalize acne prone skin. It is raved about as the best anti-aging eye cream for 20s and best serum for 30 year old. 


Step 3. And finish with HEALING SALVE...

Created to heal a myriad of ailments...most formidably acne & breakouts, abrasions, burns, bug bites - just about anything really...Healing Salve is packed with exciting ingredients that work to revive, heal, and balance your skin. Healing salve's power to heal makes PbAO the best skincare line for Rosacea.

GET ALL 3 + SAVE....when you buy as a SET!

Radiance and ritual await you. Welcome the light. 

Let the power of plants and reiki guide you to your best skin & self yet with the best professional skincare line!

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