PbAO Holiday Gift Guide

While December is steeped in the tradition of celebration and coming together, it also invites a bundle of mixed emotions and events that can stretch us thin as well as fill us up. Days are spent balancing work, family, errands, holiday gatherings, and delivering gifts.
As much as we want to become superhuman and do it all, the holidays tend to leave us feeling...well...

overwhelmed, pressured, and emotionally drained.

A study revealed that most stressors come from lack of time, overcommercialization, family get-togethers, and you guessed it- gift giving pressure.

The pressures arise when we get to the people who are the hardest to shop for.

Everyone has...

+ The one with impeccable taste that’s intimidating to shop for

+ The eco-conscious one who wants to skip the excess and keep it simple

+ The friend who "doesn't want anything"

+ The one who’s always on the go

+ The unexpected guest

Luckily it doesn't have to be that challenging! We happen to have a solution for them all.

It combines the gift of an elevated experience, gratitude practice, and lasting wellness.

These offerings are gifts that truly keep on giving. Because beyond the holiday season, gifts that encourage the continued celebration of self care for our loved ones are the most meaningful gifts of all.

For the one with impeccable taste that’s intimidating to shop for:

The Essentials Collection 

The ultimate gift set, (or gift-yourself set), for the luxury skincare-lover. This set contains the entire lineup, giving your face and body the PbAO superstar skincare treatment from start to finish.

Ageless Skin Serum (30mL) - Sacred Tonic (60mL) - Healing Salve (15mL) - Lip Repair (5mL) - Under Amour Deodorant (15mL)

Skin Sustenance Set

Our most popular set that’s made up of our top three Best Sellers all in one set - bundled to give you more for less! 

Ageless Skin Serum (10mL) - Sacred Tonic (60mL) - Healing Salve (15mL)

All our sets contain ultra-healing organic and wild harvested ingredients + the power of Reiki healing + aromatherapy - inviting an opportunity to reset your mood or jump into action with radiant energy.

For the eco-conscious one who wants to skip the excess and keep it simple:

Ageless Skin Serum

Everything their skin needs in one bottle... and nothing it doesn't!
Help your conscious-consuming loved one replace all their lotions, potions + treatments with the incomparable blend of organic plant botanicals specifically developed to target the delicate eye area, face and neck - all in one bottle. They’ll experience radical results in record time! Plus with 3 sizes and price points to choose from - it’s win-win-win! 

For those who are always
on the go: 

+ with kids 
+ who travel
+ who love an adventure 

Skin Salvation Set - (Mama) 

This set includes a powerful combination of our Ageless Skin Serum and Healing SalveAlready travel sized, these two are ready to combat any issues you may run into on your path.

Ageless Skin Serum (10mL) - Healing Salve (15mL)


Sublime Serum Set

For the globe trotter or executive mom who’s seemingly always in motion. This set lets you seamlessly take the refillable low-profile Do-It-All serum with you while leaving the larger size at home.

Ageless Skin Serum (30mL) - Ageless Skin Serum (10mL)

For the friend who “doesn’t want anything”  

Sets for the Skinimalist

One of the greatest gifts you can give this year is to encourage a daily wellness ritual in someone's life. Our sets are bundled to give more while saving your wallet. They’re minimal, transformative, and nourish both your skin + spirit with their reiki-healing and plant botanicals. A gift that everyone will deeply appreciate - that won’t disappoint. 

Skin Salvation Set (Bebé) - For the conscious-consumer

Ageless Skin Serum (1mL) - Healing Salve (15mL)

Skin Sojourn Set - For the frequent traveler...

Ageless Skin Serum (1mL) - Under Amour Deodorant (15mL)
- Lip Repair (5mL)

Skin Savior Set - For the skincare lover who wants to glow in fewer steps...

Sacred Tonic (50mL)- Ageless Skin Serum (10mL) - Healing Salve (15mL

Need a last minute crowd-pleaser that EVERYONE will love?

Our GIFT CARDS are the ideal go-to for an unexpected guest, a gift exchange, last minute holiday party, or let’s be honest.. for someone you just don’t know that well but want to impress!

Gift Card

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