We are so excited to announce Shawnelle's feature interview with W Magazine on the origin of PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics, the inspirational Jane Fonda, and the importance of using organic products on and in your body.

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Jane Fonda’s Makeup Guru Shares the Tricks That Will Keep You Looking Young Forever


Gillian Sagansky

July 3, 2018 12:08 pm

When Shawnelle Prestidge met Jane Fonda working on a L’Oréal commercial in the mid-aughts, their bond was immediate. “I remember how regal yet approachable she was,” recalled Prestidge. “She had given me a handful of compliments, and asked for my phone number and if I’d be interested in doing her makeup for a film that she had in the works.” While the film never came to fruition, that day marked the start of their decade-long relationship. Fonda was also the inspiration behind Prestidge’s decision to launch her namesake, much buzzed about five-product line Prestidge Beauté Active Organics, two years ago. Her gold-ticket item is her Ageless Skin Serum, which boasts 15 high-vibrating, nutrient-rich essential oils, and active botanicals. “I had always sought products that would do what the serum does, but had always come up short,” explained Prestidge, who saw her wrinkles disappear and her skin reverse 10 years after she self-tested her first batch. “After all, the cornerstone of great makeup is great skin!” Here, Prestidge gives us the lowdown on the first thing you should do in the morning, why organic is crucial in your skin care routine and the magic ingredients that will keep you looking fly like Fonda.

How did you originally get into beauty? 

I was obsessed with fashion magazines in the mid-'70s and '80s, and when I was a teen, Siouxsie Sioux was my style icon. Things came full circle when I booked a job to do her makeup sometime in the '90s, but I digress. I went to beauty school early on for hair, and switched to an aesthetician program to learn everything that I could about skin and makeup. You could say I was completely enamored with all things beauty.

You’ve worked with other notable clients besides Jane—can you give me the breakdown?

I’ve been very lucky in that I have worked with a wide range of remarkable, iconic talents in my many decades working in the beauty industry. Some of the most notable include Sharon Stone, Holly Hunter (kind and lovely), Kerry Washington (stunning and whip smart), Zoe Saldana (drop-dead and real), Elizabeth Banks (hysterical and totally down-to-earth), Solange Knowles (very respectful and cool), the cast of SNL circa 2008 (could not have been more in love with Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig), John Legend, Joaquin Phoenix (charming and so sweet) and Siouxsie (my '80s heroine who was so gracious and had the most incredible skin).

What can we do from the inside out to help our skin?

I drink a tonic of raw organic apple cider vinegar, raw organic local honey, and tepid to hot water in the mornings before eating anything to help balance my microbiome and decrease inflammation in my system. This has helped significantly with my allergies, immune system and tummy/body bloat, plus my hair, skin, and nails.

What advice have you given Jane about her skin? 

It’s always more of a conversation. Prior to creating my Ageless Skin Serum, I was always after products that would hydrate to a noticeable degree, but most products out there are full of nonorganic (often harmful) ingredients and synthetic fragrances. Which is one of the main reasons Jane was such an inspiration to me and encouraged me to create my Ageless Skin Serum. The aesthetician in me was very passionate and unconsciously on a mission to create what has come to be my hero product.

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