Weekday Motivation: Replenish, Revive, Recenter


Work week wearing you out?
Let us help!

More than skincare, PbAO is a professional skincare line that packs extra love, positive energy,
and healing Reiki power into each bottle, tube, and tin
to rebalance your skin and being.


Take a moment

Our morning routines are often so rushed in order to get out the door that we don't take that crucial time to focus on ourselves in a positive light. 

The next time you are in front of the mirror, getting ready for the day, practice direct focus on your self-thoughts. 

While applying the Ageless Skin Serum, think of this moment as a sacred introduction to your day. Close your eyes and breathe in the aromatherapeutic essence. Open your eyes, and as you gently apply the active botanical serum to your skin, make eye contact with your mirror image and repeat this mantra aloud or in your head,

"This is my moment. I have the power to create my own peace."

Continue until your serum application is complete. Taking one moment each morning to tell yourself that you and your time have immense worth, will positively impact the rest of your day — exponentially so, the more you use this practice.


Take a breath

Be it post-yoga or pre-meditation, use Sacred Tonic to calm frayed nerves or welcome you into the day. This aromatic heart and third eye chakra opener is a centering compliment anytime. Our Rose Geranium Hydrosol helps soothe pre-menstrual symptoms 

while Palmarosa purifies your energy, giving you an open frame of mind whenever needed.

Use it to whenever you need to breathe deeply—to reset your mood and access a higher state of being and right before bed to ease you into your nightly slumber. Even share it with your kids to help when they need a little time to move through big feelings. Try this breathing exercise when you've reached your tipping point: 

Breathe in for 5 counts
Hold the breath for 7 counts
Exhale for 8 counts

This will instantly shift your mindset. (Repeat five times — or as needed.)


Take note

Tense moments are inevitable. They are a part of life and unpreventable. What we can control is how we react to those moments. Whenever you feel your emotional tensions rise, make a mental note.

By being able to identify this emotion, you can recognize its triggers and how to resolve the emotion. Are you angry, sad, disappointed, overwhelmed? Figure out what is causing your discomfort.

Once you've noted what that emotion is, move on to noting the physical symptoms of this emotion. Are your shoulders tensed? Jaw clenched? Legs bouncing? Stomach tight? As you scan your body for signs of the emotion you've identified, release the tightness by using the breath. Imagine you're breathing space into your tense shoulders, your clenched jaw. Imagine you're breathing stillness into your bouncing legs and tight stomach.

How do you feel once your physical symptoms have been addressed? Is your emotion the same or has it shifted into a new one or a resolution?

Try using this exercise as tense moments arise through the rest of your day and note how you feel by the end of the day compared to how you usually do once you are ready to wind down.


Take a break

Whether it's laying out in your yard, having a calm day with tea and a book, or traveling to a relaxing destination, everyone needs a break.

The human body needs these breaks in order to reset its chemical balance and heal the body on a cellular level. Since stress has been proven to contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, and increased  

levels of cortisol (the hormone that encourages anxiety and depression), it is essential to take breaks from stressful daily routines. 

This not only gives your body a drop in cortisol levels, a release of cell-rebuilding hormones, a reset on your natural sleep schedule, and a creative and motivational boost, research also shows planning a vacation alone boosts levels of dopamine, creating a better mood and increased happiness before the vacation even starts.

And don't forget to pack PbAO for regular boosts of good energy and healing botanicals while you're away!

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