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Jane Fonda’s Makeup Guru Shares the Tricks That Will Keep You Looking Young Forever

"Prestidge's Miracle, her gold-ticket item...Ageless Skin Serum, which boasts

15 high-vibrating, nutrient-rich essential oils, and active botanicals."

How To Look As Hot As Martha Stewart
 I always sought products that would help plump, iron-out, and smooth fine lines while firming-up loose skin, particularly under the eyes and on the eyelid. To meet that need I created Ageless Skin Serum, which is now always my first step.

The Best Face Oils And Serums That We've Ever Tried

"Not only does it smell great, it also helps clear up blemishes and moisturizes and calms the skin...

and works well under makeup!

Skincare Before Foundation, Always!

“Shawnelle Prestidge, created her own all-natural skin-care line, Prestidge Beaute, to use on Jane Fonda, in particular her Ageless Skin Serum. It can iron out the skin and fill in the lines and kind of [tighten] all at once."

Jane Fonda’s Makeup Artist

"Prestidge created an all-natural skin care line with “Jane closely in mind.” Her go-to product for instantly softening wrinkles: Ageless Skin Serum. After personally testing out the first batch, Prestidge saw her wrinkles minimize and disappear."



“I’m pretty conscious about anything that I put in or on my body—the more natural it is, the better, the more trust it,” says Araks Yeramyan, espousing the ethos that has made Prestidge Beaute's Ageless Skin Serum her go-to secret for a gentle glow. 


Key Ingredients

Ingredients are Organic &/or Wildcrafted.