This cruelty & nut-oil free skincare brand offers a collection of small-batch organic, Reiki-activated, Omni- beneficial solutions. All active botanicals, essential oils, and all other nutrient-dense ingredients are sourced from the most conscious growers-employing methods that produce the highest quality natural, wildcrafted and organic ingredients across the globe.

All PbAO products are made in the US from domestic and imported components never containing parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, or SLSs. Our products are exclusively tested on celebrities, models and industry peers-NEVER animals! 

We are committed to sustainability and are always looking for more effective ways to be as green as possible. We use recycled branding materials from an Eco Packaging Alliance company & recyclable and repurpose-able packaging. We reuse & repurpose packing materials from our suppliers, and try to reduce waste at every turn. This explains the absence of unnecessary product boxes that end up in the waste bin within the first moments of opening.

Kindly help us continue this vitally important ‘cycle’ on your end! 

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