“PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics are lovingly made in our Brooklyn lab employing reiki & other healing modalities. They are carefully crafted by hand with the finest ingredients, inspired by the desire to create a line of organic skincare products that yield the kind of stunning results that I have eagerly sought but have yet to encounter anywhere in my decades as a beauty expert.”

Shawnelle Prestidge
Creator | Founder

PbAO is the realization of Jane Fonda's longtime makeup artist, Shawnelle Prestidge. An accomplished celebrity makeup artist, former beauty editor and esthetician. Having worked for decades with global brands and beauty giants, became captivated by the idea of creating a clean, concise curated line, offering maximal benefits with a minimal footprint—for all ages and genders. An organic skincare line tailored for everyone under one roof, sun and sky.

At age 40, as the economy was tanking, Shawnelle naturally shelved that idea to welcome her beautiful, healthy daughter into an uncertain world. Over a spell, she endured multiple uprooting moves, and weathered her husband’s near fatal/life-altering accident-when she found herself with him in the kitchen, making a cannabis salve, to help quell his nerve pain. This was the tipping point that gave way to her first product.

Shawnelle, now inching ever closer to 50, decided it was finally time to try her hand at creating a "miracle" serum and ultimately-the curated line of luxurious, omni-beneficial, energy-activated, skincare. This lineup of extraordinary cruelty-free products quickly came to bear the name PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics.

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