Boost your Serum benefits in a just a few strokes-Learn How!

Are you looking for a way to get the most out of your serum? Well look no further! Shawnelle (Prestidge), MUA to the stars and creator + founder of PRESTIDGE beauté Active Organics, shares how to boost your benefits using Ageless Skin Serum. All PbAO products are crafted by hand with the finest organic, cruelty-free ingredients that benefit every skin type. The results are immediate, generative, and lasting --meaning your skin improves with each use. Experience a supple buoyant healthy renewed texture and a luminous, rebalanced radiant glow!

Steps for Success! 

1. Warm the Serum

Start with warming 5-10 drops of Ageless Skin Serum (depending on your skins needs) between your fingers and upper palm, to open up the heavenly scent and prepare it for an even application. 

2. Take a Moment to Breathe

Deeply inhale the Reiki-charged essence - this will help to recenter you for a more thoughtful and present application. What is Reiki you might wonder? Reiki is the practice of energy healing. Using our Reiki-charged products is like applying positive energy to your face!

3. Focus on the Lid + Under Eye

This is possibly the most important step - with serum coated fingertips, gently place them over your eyelids, under eye and upper cheek areasYour skin care ritual should be initiated with loving intentions and carried out at a thoughtful pace. 

4. Use your fingertips

Slightly pressing the warmed serum in, and then gently working from inner eyelid around to the under eye, making sure to press it into the skin with your fingers (not just your palms), so the entire eye area is addressed and the serum well distributed and absorbed!

You should see the glow appear and the lines recede. If this is not happening, you may not be getting the product onto the area adequately.

Observe the difference in the image below-from the Left (before) side and the Right (After).

This is Val, age 37, who is completely un-retouched in this photo. Notice on the LEFT how parched the skin is due to a lack of moisture, resulting in multiple fine and more prominent lines, a sagging texture and a dull grayish cast?

Compare that to the RIGHT side - notice the dramatic improvement in the skin's elasticity. Most strikingly the line-lessness due to the moisture flooded tissue and the brighter, luminous glow. 

This is a GLOWING (pun apt & intended) example of why using Ageless Skin Serum around the eye area in not only a must-but a TOTAL GAME CHANGER! 

 5. Stimulate blood circulation

Then...with your entire hand, press the serum up onto the forehead area-(the place from which we want gravity to work hardest) and work product up through the center and out to the sides, bring hands to the middle of the face and press the serum in, covering the entire face using upward passes and then finish with a "thumbs-up" massage just under the jawline to increase blood flow and stimulate elasticity. Think Gua Sha sans the tool!

Listen to your skin!

Not only are PbAO's ingredients free from harmful components, but each product is also packed with organic nutrients to feed your under nourished skin. In fact, each cruelty-free product is at least 95% organic, and 100% natural & plant-derived. They are all formulated to work with the natural chemistry of every skin type to moisturize dry skin, balance out combination skin, control oily skin & calm and soothe sensitive skin. How is one product able to do so much? Instead of focusing on a specific “type” of skin, we’ve tailored our formulation to combat most skin deficiencies across the board. Think of PbAO as the cleanest most nutritious food for your skin. Our products contain a balanced formulation of active, plant-based solutions that work with your body's fluctuating rhythms to meet its ever-changing needs.  

For example, one of the long list of Ageless Skin Serum star ingredients, geranium, helps regulate the skin's sebum output (oil) and reduces acne scarring without stripping your skin of its natural oil. And because it's a regulator, not a reducer, this also helps regulate dry skin into producing and retaining an adequate amount of sebum.

Additionally, the many other powerful essential and carrier oils such a superstar antioxidants like Vitamin C and Retinol, Omega 3, 6 & 7, and natural UV protectants further reinforce the balance by combating free radicals, acting as microbial agents to prevent and heal acne & blemishes, cell-regenerators that reduce inflammation, promote healthy elasticity, minimize scarring, quench dry skin, firm and even out skin tone as well as calming characteristics to quell and soothe irritation from various internal imbalances and environmental factors. 


Start your journey here! 

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