How To Combat Mask Acne + MASKS we LOVE!

Combat your MASK-NE in 3 simple steps
1. Prep + Protect your skin 

Before your mask-wearing adventure even begins, prep your skin with the nutrient rich, active botanical serum, Ageless Skin Serum to introduce protective ingredients. As the day comes to an end, apply again (post cleansing) for healing, repair, and balance. Ageless Skin Serum is your skin-rebalancing authority - for every skin type at any age.

2. Refresh EVERY step of the way

Wearing a mask for long hours? Our natural, plant based products make us the best skincare line for sensitive skin irritated by masks. Find a safe alone spot to refresh your skin with our Sacred Tonic, filled with ESSENTIAL "mask-ne" combatting ingredients. The alcohol-free witch hazel will gently cleanse the skin, while aloe soothes and rehydrates! Palmarosa and geranium work in concert to fight bacteria & restore your skins natural balance - all while synergistically rebooting your mood! 


Once your day has ended, and you've done your nighty cleansing, complete your skincare ritual with Healing Salve as a soothing spot treatment for any incoming blemishes or acne flareups!! It works like magic! 


Check out these masks we LOVE
From our favorite Brooklyn boutique, M.PATMOS created amazing summer anti-microbial masks! From prints that match their current season, to naturally dyed unique masks, and sustainably created materials, their selection has something for everyone. Their shop is now open, so you can also go pick one out yourself!

These indigo shibori masks made by NOVEMBER 19, a local New York Designer, are perfect for your summer mask needs. Each one is made unique and all include adjustable straps and filter pockets. Check out their fun bandana patterns as well! 


Henry Masks, a new Black owned mask business, have some of the coolest we've seen yet - with a unique construction, an ENDLESS selection of colors and patterns, and varying sizes to include children, there really is a mask for everyone. They ALSO donate masks to frontline workers and people in need. It's REALLY a win-win. All their masks have subscription plans, so you never run out!


The QUEEN of unique prints, Samantha Pleet, has created the cutest masks for summer. All her masks have matching clothing on her site, and each one is made from leftover fabric to help with a more sustainable initiative. Each mask is SUPER soft and made from cotton and silk, and fits your nose perfectly with a sewed in wire. Check out the embroidered and flower adorned masks! 

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