How to attain high vibration energy...and what does it mean?

If you have been reaching for a goal but feel as though you keep hitting walls, it may be time to evaluate your vibrational energy.

What is Vibrational energy?

Every object or living thing emits energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. This energy is something that we naturally sense and react to. As we become more familiar with the energy not only surrounding us but that we emit and absorb, we can adjust or deflect accordingly. 

Here comes into play the Law of Attraction, a philosophy suggesting that we attract the energy we put into the universe. For example: if you find yourself around people that complain more than motivate you, or in a work environment that drains you more than inspires you - you will only meet and reflect the energy that is being released

If you are feeling down and vibrating at a low frequency, you may feel as though bad luck follows you, motivation and inspiration has been lacking, brain fog and unnecessary irritation is more frequent, or you hear yourself complaining a bit more than is ideal.  

Attracting good things will only happen if you are vibrating at a high frequency; only then will you attract similar energy. 


So, how can you raise your vibrational frequency?


Reiki Charged Skincare: Sacred Tonic, Ageless Skin Serum, Healing Salve, Lip Repair, Under Amour Deodorant 

Explore Reiki 

Reiki – an energy based healing technique used to reduce stress and anxiety, ease muscles, and promote relaxation.  

While energy constantly flows through our body, it can, at times, get stuck in places of injury or emotional pain. This build up of energy can cause many negative reactions such as irritation, mental and physical fatigue, anxiety, or restlessness.  In return, our bodies begin to only flow negative energy instead of positive. Reiki is the practice of transferring positive energy directly to those affected areas, unblocking the build up of negative energy and restarting the flow of positive energy.  

Benefits of Reiki: stimulate the body’s immune system, instant relaxation, relieve pain,  reduces stress, lifts spirits, increase in energy, eases tension 

You can invite Reiki into your life by either booking a Reiki practitioner for a session or invest in Reiki-charged objects. Much like a practitioner transfers positive energy into a client, they can transfer that energy into objects that people can carry or use at home.

All of our PbAO products are Reiki charged by our founder - a professional Reiki practitioner, so your skincare ritual is far more than just a skin routine. Complemented by soothing essential oils carefully curated to target stress, your skincare regimen with Reiki-charged PbAO products will have a similar effect as a 10 minute meditation, raising your spirits and your vibrational frequency.


Picture of microgreens, kale, blueberries, and artichoke

Fuel your body with high vibrational foods.

Heavy, processed foods are tempting and accessible but they end up only making us tired and feeling weighed down. Instead, start incorporating high vibrational foods such as these to lift your frequency

  • Kale, bok choy, arugula, microgreens
  • Artichokes, mushrooms, sweet potatoes
  • Blueberries, goji berries, bananas, pomegranates, grapefruit 

Nutritious foods will motivate both your mind and your body! Now that 10 minute walk won’t feel like a chore, but something to look forward to.


woman closing her eyes and breathing

Try some breathing techniques.

Practicing controlled breathing will help you recognize your vibration and offer you a chance to clear your head. Think of these practices as purifying your body of low frequency vibrations with each exhale, and breathing in new energy. 

Technique 1: First, block your right nostril. Inhale for 4 seconds through your left nostril. Then, block the left nostril and exhale for 8 seconds through your right. This method will slow down and control your breathing. Allow your breath to replicate a gush of wind, sweeping any anxiety or stress out of your head and body and through that right nostril.

Technique 2: Inhale and imagine you are inflating your lower belly, then let the air expand to your rib cage and up to your collarbone and shoulders. While exhaling, feel the breath go down back down, maybe touching tense points along your spine. Imagine the breath and negativity exiting through your belly button. Use each breath to fill your entire body, target any areas that you may feel pressure, and release that tension out through a long exhale.


Let things go. 

Forgiving yourself and others is one of the most powerful tools in raising your vibrational frequency. Replaying troubling situations leads to holding onto negative emotions towards someone or something. The negativity builds up over time, lowering you away from the higher vibrational energy you seek. Facing emotional situations can be scary. Once you make peace with circumstances and people involved, you can begin to heal and move forward.    


Making these minimal shifts in your daily routine can ignite an exciting rippling effect for you and others. You will feel lighter in all aspects of your life, regarding money, life goals, relationships, and whatever else has been burdening you. A greater sense of control will fall over your life and inspiration will flow in.


With Purpose, Love + Gratitude

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