How to Empower Yourself and Others During Difficult Times

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

- Michelle Obama.


Devastating news has rattled our country once again, stripping us of a sense of comfort, ease, and belonging here. In order to not slip into feelings of hopelessness, we must look further than our normal coping tactics to empower ourselves and others around us. Today we will share a few ways in which you can fortify the power you already have.


Check in with others.

Words of support or acknowledgement can lift the feeling of solitude and bring us close to those around us. A simple text or call goes a long way, letting someone know you are thinking of them and vice versa. Not only can this help you both feel more grounded, it can bring back a sense of comfort knowing you aren’t alone in this.


Stay informed.

During periods of uncertainty or bad news, all social media platforms are blown up with conflicting information in the form of news coverage, infographics, and personal posts. It is important to not lose sight of what you believe but to also seek sources that you know are accurate and give the whole story, not just one side.

Staying properly informed allows you to have difficult conversations without becoming emotionally charged or blinded by your own judgments. Share resources with others in a mindful way and remember that your voice matters.


Set aside time for you.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Scrolling for hours and watching countless news coverage sites, talking with others, maybe even having an argument here and there, is draining - mentally and emotionally. Yes, we want to support others during a difficult time, but it is important to support yourself and listen to your own needs, as well. You will have a greater impact if you are rested, recharged, and focused.

Nourish your body with fueling foods and allow your brain a break by reading a book, taking a nap, or watching your comfort TV show. Extend your wellness ritual to include time to meditate, pamper yourself with a hot bath, or just sit by yourself.

Reiki-charged objects like PbAOs skincare line with soothing essential oils helps the mind and the body to settle. Allow your thoughts and feelings to float freely during this period so that you can process the day’s events and avoid becoming overwhelmed. 


Find comfort in numbers.

When the world around us seems to be falling apart, one of the best ways to offer help is to share accurate information and sources for others to utilize. Join communities that uplift you and help you become the best version of yourself.

You can find groups online through Facebook or Instagram by searching keywords in the search bar OR look locally. Once you join one, make sure to extend the invitation to others! Realizing that our own voices matter is seemingly impossible in a world of billions utilizing social media platforms; however, you never know who you can impact with just your voice.

Our founder/ CEO Shawnelle Prestidge recently joined an incredible women-led group focused on educating and empowering women by leading the way to financial freedom through a life coaching movement and strategy courses to support success. If you are interested in this, you can follow Shawnelle’s journey on her Instagram @slpbeaute or ask questions through our email


Progress is not always linear. Be gentle and patient with yourself and others, as everyone is affected differently by certain situations. Continue to encourage and instill confidence in yourself and those around you, and hopefully, in time, our ripples will turn into waves.

With Purpose, Love + Gratitude

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