Your Summer Detox Checklist

It’s time for a full body detox. The summer has been extra harsh with its unbearable temperatures + world events affecting our mind, body, and SKIN! In this article we will give you all of our tips and tricks to get that post summer glow just in time for the fall season. 


Detox your mind

Make a plan to collectively put your phones away for the day and get outside!
Give yourself one day of no media, emails, or distractions - your mind needs all the rest it can get. Begin your digital detox in the morning with journaling, a meditation or gratitude practice instead of social media, emails or headlines.

Continue the day with sunshine and staying active (temperature permitting), whether it’s with a walk, hike or swim. Make sure to end your day with proper hydration + relaxation. Run a bath, read a few chapters of your book or even start a new one! Give yourself + your brain the rest it deserves before the rush of " back-to-work and back-to-school" schedules.


Take an inventory of your life

It’s time to take a mental inventory of what is and isn’t working in your day to day routine.
Ask yourself these few questions:

What can I cleanse from my life?

What has and hasn’t been bringing me joy?

Is there any unnecessary stress or feeling of weight in my life?

Has there been something blocking me from a goals? 

Are my relationships fulfilling me?

Write these down in a journal or a notepad as a physical reminder to get them out of your head and onto paper to be deliberated. You can better strategize what steps you need to take to eliminate any unnecessary stresses or toxicity in your life.


Detox your body

Start with adding more antioxidants into your diet, such as hydrogen-rich ph 9.5 electrolyzed reduced water, which offers 80% hydration absorption and rids your body of acidosis to put you into homeostasis - your bodies natural ability to heal itself. Try adding more artichokes, brussel sprouts, beets, grapefruit + blackberries as a great addition to your summer meals to amplify the waters ability to rid your body of toxins.

Take advantage of local farmer’s markets. Buying local produce not only supports small businesses but is better for your body, typically free of harmful pesticides, and creates fewer carbon emissions!


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Water can truly transform your skin, energy levels, and overall health significantly

Recently, Shawnelle (our CEO and founder of Prestidge Beauté) invested in a Kangen Water K8 machine (a water ionizer - not a filter), which is a Japanese certified medical water device  that creates electrolyzed reduced water (EWR) which is Hydrogen-rich antioxidant water that immediately hydrates your body + organs and produces Alykalized (not chemically-altered alkaline) water - ranging in Ph from 2.5 to 11.5. It's been widely used in hospitals in Japan and Europe for 48 years to treat patients, use in health protocols, and to disinfect (instead of using harmful chemicals).


This fountain-of-youth water has not only eradicated her ankle arthritis (she wakes up and moves pain-free now), vastly improved her gut health (eliminating her stubborn lower menopausal toxic belly fat - yes you read the correctly), and it has incredibly cleared her brain fog too - all within a couple of weeks of daily consumption!

Click the link to learn more about the benefits of Kangen Water, and catch up and follow Shawnelle's healing journey and mission on her personal instagram - @slpbeaute 

If you are local (in NYC) and interested - Shawnelle has a second k8 machine she is happy to lend out for a few weeks at a time, to whomever might need this medicinal anti-aging water!
Simply reply to this email or email us at letting us know!

Detox your Skin

It’s time to exfoliate!

The perfect DIY exfoliator that only needs to be used one to two times a week resides in your kitchen - sodium bicarbonate - aka baking soda - yep - that's right! You can create a gentle, yet effective facial scrub by mixing 3 parts baking soda with one part water (or add it to your cleanser). Use gentle circular motions on your face neck and decollete, and rinse with warm water. Your skin will feel like a babies bottom and it will smooth and refine the skins texture and reduce pore size.

After detoxifying your skin you can further hydrate and revive your skin with healthy clean ingredients!

Ditch anything in your cabinets made from synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals. It’s time to nourish your skin with organic, natural ingredients that will actually make a difference. 

We recommend starting with our Sacred Tonic. This refreshing botanical blend works to lock in skin’s moisture while soothing + revitalizing. To follow, our Ageless Skin Serum (referred to by users as a “a magic wand for your skin”) restores, revives, and rebalances - leaving you with a bouyant radiant glow. To soothe any spots that need a little more love or an added boost of moisture, add the Healing Salve, our reiki-charged, cell regenerative botanical salve proven to heal anything from scars and bruises to dry skin, rashes and even acne.

Try these detox tips regularly to remind your skin and yourself that you are a vibrant, radiant force!

With Love, Purpose + Gratitude

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