Essential oils you need in your house at all times...

Essential oils are well known commercially for their aromatic qualities, but their powers extend beyond those of just a relaxing smell. Historically speaking, essential oils have been around since ancient times, aiding a multitude of cultures both medicinally and pragmatically. 

We’ve narrowed it down to the most popular multi-faceted essential oils that you can put to use throughout your home.


Bring them into your space


Peppermint oil is great for awakening the senses, boosting your mood, supporting memory and digestion. Not only is this essential oil great for keeping your space bright and fresh, but will also benefit you during allergy + flu season, as it also works to clear nasal passages. Just add a few drops to a tissue and inhale! You can also add peppermint oil to a hot bath or apply to your chest while you sleep. If using topically, always make sure to dilute this oil with water (and a drop of oil) or a carrier oil, like olive, jojoba or coconut, because applying peppermint oil or any essential oil by itself can cause irritation. Peppermint oil is also known to repel unwanted pests. Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place in areas where pests tend to pop up or use in a spray bottle with water around perimeters to ward off spiders, ants, bugs, and even mice!


Orange oil is another necessary addition to any household, as it can replace harsh chemicals as a non-toxic alternative. Simply mix a couple drops of orange oil with water, vinegar, or baking soda. The mix can tackle almost any stain or greasy dish, and keeps your house smelling like summer. For those with a green thumb, orange oil is also a great natural pesticide. Dilute with water and a dash of dish soap and spray onto your plants to keep them safe from hungry pests.

Incorporate oils into your important “me” time


Lavender is the most popular essential oil, and for good reason. The calming aroma eases your muscles and mind from any tension brought about during your day. Having trouble sleeping? Lavender oil is known to aid insomnia. Add to your sheets or pillow before bed to encourage deep slumber. Take it one step further by soaking in a long hot, lavender oil bath before your nightly routine. Another trick we can’t live without is using lavender oil to diminish the smell of odiferous shoes or freshen up your linen drawers. Sprinkle some drops on a cotton ball and place it in the back of a clothing drawer or into your running shoes after a sweaty run. 

Frankincense is known for its ability to soothe asthma and congestion with its anti-inflammatory properties. Add a few drops of Frankincense to a bowl or cup of steaming hot water and inhale. It is the ultimate relaxation essential oil. If you are looking to decompress after a hard day, we suggest adding Frankincense to your list of essential oils for your diffuser.

Essential oils are perfect natural remedies and replacements for harsh cleaning chemicals. Although sold in small quantities, a little goes a long way with these oils and they will last over a myriad of uses. 

We at PRESTIDGE beauté recognize the necessity for employing essential oils in our day-to-day lives which is why they present so prominently as the leading healing properties in our products.

Our superhero, Ageless Skin Serum, is enhanced by the ultimate serenity duo – Lavender and Frankincense, in concert with our unparalleled transformative blend, combining aromatherapy and skincare to create a simple yet effective staple in your valuable me-time.


With Purpose, Love + Gratitude

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