Welcome a UNIQUE set of resolutions!

The new year is here... and 2021 is suddenly in the rear view. So, the time is upon us again when we find ourselves reflecting and assessing. Last year we personally and collectively endured many challenges. Though every one of us can feel a some form of transformation within and all around, it's not the typical “New Year, New Me” feeling.  A societal shift occurred causing many of us to expand our interests, push our limits, and seek out what makes us happy and feel more fulfilled, as we explore the boundaries of resilience

     So let’s keep that momentum going…

This year, our resolutions revolve around inviting new mindfulness practices into our wellness rituals to evolve every inch of ourselves; mind + body + soul.



Let’s begin with our mind. During our time of annual reflection, we begin to assess all of our actions, both positive and negative that we encountered during our year. In these moments of reflection, self compassion is key. Our inner critic can be loud, but certain practices can help soften, and even reroute that voice to become kinder and more constructive. Moments of goodness - small and large - will arise often; grab each one with open arms, and remember these few tips to help nourish a more joyful you.

  • We have a tendency due to the evolution of “fight or flight” to linger within the negative or threatening aspects of a situation, relationship or occurrence in our lives - but gloss right over the good, comfortable or positive. Do not push off moments of comfort and joy - savor them like a fine meal or glass of rare vintage to prolong the heightened sensation and depth of appreciation. Over time - like any habit - this will help to increase your levels of happiness and overall feelings of well being by triggering a hit of the “feel good” chemicals, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins more often. 
  • Another helpful exercise would be to begin a gratitude practice. Think of or write down 3 things - no matter how big or small - that you’re grateful for - first thing when you wake in the morning and perhaps again when you sit down for dinner or right before bed. It can be a simple as “I’m grateful for the deep slumber from which I just awoke”, to “I’m grateful for the warm and cozy snuggle my child, partner or pet just bestowed upon me”, to "I’m grateful for the sunshine streaming through my windows to greet me”. This practice - in the immediate and over time - helps stave off the unfortunate aspects of hedonic adaptation - or taking the good things in life for granted, thus over time helping you form new habits and pathways in your brain. 
  • Take accountability for your own happiness. Own your agency for self-kindness. Become a nurturing mother, an adoring spouse, and a ride-or-die best friend to yourself. Small acts of self-kindness make a big difference. When we’re kind to ourselves, that kindness seamlessly flows onto others. Which begins to form a more gratifying habit of regular acts of kindness - leading to a more satisfying and meaningful existence.

This year, I am going to savor the good and nourish my mind. 



We invite you to explore the gift of small movements and gentle touch. When our heart is full sometimes we touch our chest. At the end of your day, begin to incorporate similar actions.

Start by gently holding both hands on your chest and breathe deeply. To enhance this practice you can spray Sacred Tonic before beginning. You can deepen this exercise by adding a 4/7/8 breathing technique along with it, to center yourself. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 7 and exhale for 8 counts. Repeat up to 5 times. This technique can soothe a racing heart or calm frazzled nerves - it works a bit like a “natural tranquilizer for the nervous system”

Move that energy slowly to your cheeks as you tenderly cradle them in your hands (like we normally only reserve for others). Add a few drops of Ageless Skin Serum and implement a soothing thoughtful massage. 

Adding reiki charged products such as candles, crystals, or for a more elevated sensorial experience: our Ageless Skin Serum or Sacred Tonic as suggested above, can help shift your energy to a more peaceful state, allowing you to open your heart and mind to appreciate simple moments throughout your day.

This year, I am going to encourage my body to be a more grounding force.


S O U L 

Bring in a mindfulness ritual to instill positive lessons and moments of happiness you come across during each day throughout the year. 

What does mindfulness look like to us?  

We begin by softening and adding in a sprinkle of fun; may it be a moment in the morning during your skincare ritual when you smile at yourself in the mirror, or retreating to your favorite place (even if only in your mind) for a few minutes during your workday, or carving out a few moments to recall something that made you laugh recently. 

We begin to tie in our practices of gratitude and small movements to create an opportunity to absorb everything. Your moment to yourself may be a moment to breathe, a moment to savor happiness, a moment to re-center, or to enjoy even a small dose of laughter with yourself. It’s just important to carve out little moments for yourself on a regular basis.

This year, I will be more mindful of what my soul needs

We are excited to start this new year and new journey with you.

Should you decide to include our Ageless Skin Serum, Sacred Tonic (or any of our products) during your mindfulness practice, we would be so grateful to hear about your experience in the form of an image or video review by clicking the ★★★★★ the top of any product page!

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Wishing you enduring love, health + joy! 


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