Welcome to a Transformative 2024: MIND + BODY + SPIRIT

As we embrace the dawn of another year, 2023 fades into the past, leaving us with the echoes of challenges endured. The collective spirit underwent a profound metamorphosis, transcending the cliché of a mere "New Year, New Me" sentiment. Health and wellness eclipsed the physical, reaching new horizons within our minds and souls. In the face of adversity, we discovered resilience, broadening our capacities and seeking purpose in the pursuit of happiness.

Let's ride this wave of this newfound momentum...

This year, our resolutions revolve around infusing mindfulness into our daily rituals, aiming to evolve every facet of ourselves: mind, body, and soul.



Commence the journey within your mind. Amidst annual reflections, embrace self-compassion, softening the echoes of your inner critic. Cultivate gratitude, savoring moments of comfort and joy, fostering a habit that elevates happiness. Take charge of your own happiness, becoming a nurturing force unto yourself. Acts of self-kindness ripple outward, forming a gratifying habit of kindness towards others.


“In 2024, I savor the good, nourishing my mind”




Discover the gift of small movements and gentle touch. End your day by placing hands on your chest, breathing deeply, and incorporating the calming touch of Sacred Tonic. Engage in a 5/5/5/5 box breathing technique to center yourself. (Inhale/hold/whale/hold - repeat)

Extend this energy to your face, cradling your cheeks with the added luxury of Ageless Skin Serum. Infuse our reiki-charged products to shift your energy to a tranquil state, opening your heart and mind to appreciate simple moments.

“This year, my body will ground me”


 Ageless Skin Serum (10ML, 30ML, 50ML) 

Sacred Tonic (50ML,100ML)


S O U L 

Introduce a mindfulness ritual to impart positive lessons and moments of happiness into your new year. Soften your approach and add a sprinkle of fun to daily rituals. Tie in gratitude and small movements to create moments for absorption. Whether it's smiling in the mirror, daydreaming during your day, or relishing a recent laugh, carve out little moments regularly.

“In 2024, I’m mindful of what my soul craves”

We embark on this new year and journey with hope. Should you choose to include our Ageless Skin Serum, Sacred Tonic or any PbAO favorites in your mindfulness practice, kindly pay your experience forward through an image, video review, or email.

Our reiki-charged products, with carefully selected essential oils, offer a myriad of healing properties and aromatherapeutic benefits. Discover the bounty of benefits our essential oils provide in the ingredient section for each product.


(Hover over the ingredient icon in the Key Ingredients section on each product page to learn more.)


Wishing you enduring love and joy in this transformative year!


With Purpose + Gratitude,


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