Nicki Swift features, Our CEO, Shawnelle Prestidge

We are as happy as a clam to share Shawnelle’s feature in Nicki Swift’s “This is what Jane Fonda does to look so young” by Frances Dean. Just like the title, the blog talks all things Jane Fonda and her secret to her ageless glow!

Here are some highlights from the article, click to unravel Jane’s secrets!


When Working with Wrinkles... 

Shout out to Skin Like Foundations that COVER

Jane Fonda Prestidge beauté Active Organics

Shawnelle Prestidge is Jane Fonda’s trusted makeup artist and confidant. Prestidge shares: 

“The star prefers foundations that glide on quickly and effortlessly to achieve flawless coverage with minimal layering.” 

When it comes to any age, beauty is what comes from within and then projects out.

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