The Perfect Sleep Concoction

As a fellow insomniac here are a few of my favorite tips that have helped me during those stubborn sleepless nights.  



I know...easier said than done. That big pesky thing called life gets in the way, but trust me when I say this tip has been proven and will change your world. Your body’s internal clock can get out of rhythm after just one restless night. So, determining a consistent pattern that works best for your life is crucial. A good schedule involves your entire day: when you eat, exercise and sleep. Statistics say that exercising (no, it doesn’t have to be strenuous) for at least 30 minutes a day helps promote your natural melatonin, sleep hormone, production. Make sure that if you do exercise, try not to do it close to your bedtime - so, ditch those last minute ab workouts. Set a goal sleep time for every night and make sure you aren’t on any devices 30 minutes before you sleep, those pesky blue lights! Instead, read or listen to a sleep podcast- here is my favorite.

Set the same alarm every morning (even on the weekends) and make sure you get up and get moving! 

Need some affirmations to get your morning started? Listen to a few minutes of this!


I know it sounds like just a trend, but it really does work. You can use roll ons or diffusers! Apply the roll ons to your wrist or neck before bed and you will instantly feel cozy. Extra perk: waking up to amazing smelling sheets.

To create a relaxing space, grab a blanket, dim the lights, and turn on that diffuser. Your entire room will smell and feel like a spa instantly putting you in a tranquil state. The best essential oils for night time -- lavender, chamomile, cedarwood, and lemongrass. 

Make sure to include a breathing exercise while using either of these methods. 

Inhale for 6 seconds… hold for 2... Exhale for 8 seconds


Washing the day away in a nightly ritual will aid in releasing stress; include a mixture of aromatherapy + meditation for a spa-like experience. Give your face a nice massage, whether it be with a serum, mask, or moisturizer, apply them slowly & relaxingly to your face and neck. These exercises can help lift, tone (and even prevent aging!) and in doing so, calms and soothes you, readying you for bed. For best results, we suggest using our Reiki-charged Ageless Skin Serum. Start by gently placing your fingertips over your eyelids and take 3 deep breaths! Ahh...that’s it. 

Ageless Skin Serum (30mL)

Ageless Skin Serum (30mL)


Warm Beverage 

Simple and soothing. They make your whole body feel warm, relaxed, and ready for bed. Here are my go-to’s that aid in lulling me into a slumber! If you’re experiencing some measure of anxiety try using Calm (a powder form of magnesium) that you mix with warm’s aptly named and helps replenish deficiencies. And of course there’s tea...the age old soothing elixir...try some of my favorites:

Make time for yourself EVERY NIGHT
Self Care is how you take on tomorrow. 

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