Maximize Your Benefits with Combining Radiant Skincare

For Dry or Dehydrated Skin: 3 simple steps

1. Tonifying Tricks

Generously spritz with Sacred Tonic - which is a water attracting humectant. Our heavenly organic tonic, described as an "unsung hero" by PbAO customers, hydrates, tones, revitalizes tired skin, and notably shifts your energy—inviting an elevated state of being!

2. Apply Ageless Skin Serum.

This layering technique is typically all that is needed to bring your skin into radiant buoyant balance - unless you live in frigid or arid regions, we then recommend moving to step 3 below.

3. Extra Layer 

Always apply the Sacred Tonic + Ageless Skin Serum first, then follow with a dime sized dollop of our aptly named Healing Salve in lieu of a substantial cream or lotion as a final protective layer. Think of the last step as a parka (or protective barrier) that will shield your delicate skin in harsh conditions.




For Acne Prone Skin: 3 simple steps

1. Prep + protect skin

Always prep your skin with the nutrient-rich, active botanical serum, Ageless Skin Serum to introduce protective ingredients. As the day comes to an end, apply again (post-cleansing) for healing, repair, and balance. Ageless Skin Serum is your skin-rebalancing authority - for every skin type at any age.

2. Refresh every step of the way

Our natural, plant-based products make us the best skincare line for sensitive skin irritated by free radicals. Refresh your skin with our Sacred Tonic, filled with essential acne-combatting ingredients. The alcohol-free witch hazel will gently cleanse the skin, while aloe soothes and rehydrates! Palmarosa and geranium work in concert to fight bacteria & restore your skin's natural balance - all while synergistically rebooting your mood!

3. Heal on the spot

Once your day has ended, and you've done your nighty cleansing, complete your skincare ritual with Healing Salve as a soothing spot treatment for any incoming blemishes or acne flareups!! It works like magic! 

Soothe your skin + mind now, and buy all three high vibrating beauties in a set (+ save with permanent discounts!)

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