Rescue Your Skin

Though we do our best to protect our skin from the sun's damaging rays, summer is a time to travel, relax, and unwind, and there are just times when we don't reapply our sunscreen as often as we should or we spend a little too long in the midday sun...and it's bound to get the better of our skin.

Luckily, there are plenty of daily practices that we can adapt to remedy and repair our summer skin as we ease into the changes of the coming season. In this blog article, I breakdown how to take precautionary steps and show you how to optimize your lifestyle to preserve healthy balanced skin no matter what the season.


Our unmatched, reiki-charged, cell regenerative blend of organic nutrient-rich botanicals that make up this aptly named salve, have been proven to encourage rapid healing in a myriad of ailments such as acne, rosacea, eczema, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, rashes, dermatitis, fungal infections, bruises, chafed skin, burns, scars, cold sores-you name it-in record time on our real life clients. 

Healing Salve may also help to quell symptoms of arthritis, muscular cramps & spasms, and inhibit microbial, bacterial & fungal growth. 

1. Blemish Eraser 

Increased humidity, fluctuating temperatures, and UV exposure + environmental pollutants can all wreak havoc on your skin causing it to be stripped of necessary hydration and moisture. Enjoy our simple step-by step tips to rebalance your skin!

  • To rehydrate your weather-worn skin, create a simple and enjoyable ritual to refresh and reinvigorate to your skin with Sacred Tonic. This multitasking mist is comprised of essential hydrating + acne-slaying ingredients. The alcohol-free witch hazel will gently cleanse the skin without further stripping it's moisture mantle, while aloe soothes, rehydrates and pulls water to the skin! Palmarosa + Geranium work in concert to fight bacteria and encourage accelerated cellular turnover to restore your skin's natural equilibrium - all while synergistically rebooting your mood! Ahhhh!
  •  Follow your Sacred Tonic-prepped skin with the nutrient-rich, active botanicals in Ageless Skin Serum to introduce protective ant-oxidant ingredients and flood your skin with much needed intensive moisture.
  • Healing Salve is anti-microbial and encourages cell regeneration to help rid your skin of pesky hormonal breakouts. The perfect spot treatment to end all unexpected intrusions. 

    2. Burn Soother

    • From sunburns to third-degree burns, Healing Salve can soothe this damaging malady, along with easing pain and adding a protective layer of "nature's curative" onto your skin to aid in its healing. 

    3. Dry Skin Nourisher

    • Start by generously spritzing skin with Sacred Tonic-which is a moisture-attracting humectant, prior to Ageless Skin Serum application. This layering technique is typically all that is needed to bring your skin into radiant buoyant balance-unless the temperatures drop below 40f (or you live in arid regions). In that case, we recommend using a layer of our aptly named Healing Salve as a final protective layer.
    • Remember-always apply the Sacred Tonic + Ageless Skin Serum first-then follow with Healing Salve or moisturizer. Think of the last step as a parka (or protective barrier) that will shield your delicate skin in harsh conditions.

    4. Bug Bite Blaster

    • Unless you spent all summer indoors, you were probably attacked by at least one bug or two. Healing Salve's ingredients like Galbanum, soothe bug bites and serve as a natural insecticide!

    5. Rash Mender 

    • If you spent this summer in the woods, gardening, or spending quality time in the park, you could've run into some pesky rash-inducing plants. Healing Salve works wonders to help relieve skin irritation quickly. 

    5. Natural SPF 

    • Coconut oil, found in Healing Salve, is a natural defense against UV rays up to 5 SPF. This means you are 75% protected for about 45 minutes of sun exposure. Protect your dry skin, rashes, bug bites, burns, blemishes and more from the sun!
    • Soothe your skin + mind now, and buy all three high vibrating beauties in a set (+ save with permanent discounts!)



    1. Simply apply it to the affected area, and appropriately work it into the skin. The more frequent the use, the faster you'll experience results. (*BEST results are achieve when used in tandem with an AM/PM Ageless Skin Serum ritual)
    2. You can expect to see redness fade within minutes, acne and blemishes disappear within days, and rashes, cuts, and scrapes heal in record time.
    3. Makeup can be applied over the Healing Salve when used on the face—it absorbs beautifully rendering a primed-perfect texture. 



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