Photo by Sarra Fleur 
Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge



Photo by Lianna Tarantin Makeup by yours truly, Shawnelle Prestidge

Photo by Lianna Tarantin
Makeup by yours truly, Shawnelle Prestidge

Our friends at SAKARA have curated a cleanse pack to help your body detox by restoring digestive harmony to your gut, clearing your skin, and helping you shed some extra weight. This pack is loaded with energy bars,  beauty water, detox tea, and 20 easy, nutritionally-designed recipes to get you in the right frame of mind and body.

What's in the box:

  1. 10-Day Reset Recipes

  2. Beauty Water Concentrate: silica + rose + 72 trace minerals for hydration, remineralization and glow

  3. Detox Water Concentrate: chlorophyll + magnesium + 72 trace minerals for hydration, remineralization and detoxification

  4. Daily Probiotic Blend (10-day supply)

  5. Detox Bars (5 bars + 1 bonus bar)

  6. Energy Bars (5 bars + 1 bonus bar)

  7. Life Source (10 sachets): 12g plant protein + alkalizing greens + phytoceramides + enzymes for digestion, detox, energy, and beautiful skin

  8. Detox Tea (20 sachets)

(Also pictured, our friends at Araks's Cadel Slip)





Though the summer sun's intensity has decreased, we must still be as diligent with the delicate balance of maintaining our skin's moisture mantle, as we welcome in the cooler fall weather. A great way to cleanse your pores, slough off the dead cells, and revitalize skin to it's glowing potential-is with an intensive spa-night.

We recommend starting with a gentle, organic facial cleanser (We love Trilogy's Cream Cleanser) and adding approx a 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda (yes-the one you have in your fridge). Work into a creamy paste and gingerly massage into a damp face and neck, in a circular motion. This will not only remove the dead layers of skin but it will smooth the surface and reduce any uneven texture on the bridge & sides of the nose and forehead. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse.  Your skin will be baby soft, and you'll notice a reduction in pores size which will control your oil production in the coming days. On this clean slate, start rebuilding your skin's luster with a few spritzes of Sacred Tonic followed by 7 drops of Ageless Skin Serum applied in upward sweeps to your face and neck. Allow time for your skin to absorb the serum, then apply Healing Salve to any problematic areas. Top it off with Lip Repair and if living in arid or below 40F climates, follow with a deeply nourishing cream, like our favorite Weleda Skin Food. Repeat 2-3 times a week.  You'll definitely notice a HUGE difference.

"Great way to try all these products. The skin serum is the best I've ever tried and the sacred tonic is so refreshing and calming. I've always been skeptical of natural deodorants but under amour really works. The healing salve is great for my dry cuticles and the lip balm is nice on its own or as a base for lipstick. I highly recommend each of these products."
-Carol Kemper, PbAO customer



Photo from The Cristalline

Photo from The Cristalline



Using a blend of essential oils, minerals, and crystals in your bath can help elevate a daily grooming ritual into a truly serene superchage. All you need is:

  • 3/4 cup Magnesium

  • a few drops of soothing lavender or jasmine oil

  • a selection of healing and nurturing crystals

We recommend grabbing the Chakra Crystal Set from The Cristalline also sold at the wonderful, A Wild Dove, which comes with a Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate,Green Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian and Obsidian to help you clear and balance the energetic systems of your body. Just place the stones on the corresponding points of the body (instructions included), soak with intention and repeat as needed.

Includes instruction card on where to place stones and carrying pouch.



Photo from Sunday Forever

Photo from Sunday Forever



You've heard of Spring Cleaning, but have you heard of Fall Cleansing? The arrival of Autumn brings colder weather and thus more time spent at home, thus it's the perfect time to cleanse the energy of your home for the future months spent indoors. Here's a simple ritual from The Seasonal Soul:

1. Start in a room where the energy feels the most stagnant. Which room do you hate spending time in? Start there.

2. Light your sage or palo santo stick. Let it catch fire and then blow out, like you would a stick of incense. Carry something to catch any ash that may fall along the way.

3. Move in a clockwise direction through the room, in harmony with the natural world.

4. Use your hand to waft the smoke into every area of the room. Raise & lower your smudging stick so the smoke gets the floor, as well as the ceiling. Pay special attention to the corners in each room. Stagnant energy gets stuck in the corners.

5. Wear a strand of bells on your wrist or have the kids ring bells behind you as you go. The ringing helps clear out negative energy.

6. In each room say:

“I cleanse this room of negativity and any energy that doesn’t support our family. Only happiness and positivity will prosper here.”

7. Move in a clockwise direction around your home and repeat this process throughout every room in your house.

If you need supplies, we recommend Sunday Forever's Ultimate Cleansing Kit, complete with a seashell ash-catcher, "Go Sage Yourself" lighter, an Evil Eye bracelet, Air Detox Mist, as well as amethyst and rose quartz crystals.



Photo from Gaia

Photo from Gaia



Autumn is the time where the natural world begins to bunker down and begin restoration in preparation of the year to come. This is a time for rest and meditation and with this comes a lot of reflection. Gaia suggests journaling or ruminating on the following in order to prepare you for opening yourself up for the growth you wish to see in the year ahead:

  • What has been my personal harvest this year, what has grown into full expression and brought me joy? Begin each sentence with I celebrate…

  • What seeds of insight will I collect and re-plant in the next season? I nourish…

  • Where am I holding back or ceding to doubt? What fears are stalling me? I am afraid of…

  • Where am I creating struggle or holding on? How can I conserve energy by releasing any unnecessary effort in this cycle? I release…

  • Am I housing any latent anger towards myself or others? How can I liberate myself from it? I forgive…

  • Do I presently feel ashamed or embarrassed by any behaviors or decisions I have made? How can I lay them to rest? I accept…

  • Do I feel guilty for any of my thoughts, words, or actions? How can I make a conscious change? I resolve…

  • If my body were to speak, what would it say to me? I hear…

With this guide, feel free to use whatever works for your space and your body. Happy cleansing!

With gratitude,

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