Photo by Sarra Fleur, Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge

Photo by Sarra Fleur, Makeup by Shawnelle Prestidge

Our curated list for a more comfortable, healthy night's rest.




Araks, The Cadel Slip

Araks is NY-based lingerie and swimwear line that made the most luxurious understated washed silk georgette slip that you will want to live in, day and night.

Bonus: It comes in an array of beautiful blushes, berries and corals.


PbAO, Sacred Tonic

Sacred Tonic is my #1 go-to to start my calming process for the night. A few spritzes really helps to hydrate, refresh and center my focus to let go of goings-on of the day and begin to wind down.


Coyuchi, Organic Percale Sheet & Pillowcase Set

Made of organic cotton, these sheets are out-of-the-box soft, breathable, and beautiful. Coyuchi focuses on creating textiles both gentle on the land and our skin.

Weleda, Skin Food

This is my favorite hand cream and I apply it nightly. A little hand massage while using Skin Food is so soothing and nourishing. I also recommend this as a face cream in addition to Ageless Skin Serum for dry or cold climates. Just take the excess from your hands and dab it over dry areas.



Breathing Ritual

Once I'm settled, I like to practice this breathing exercise to take me even deeper into an ethereal sleep space. This is a great tool in calming the mind at any time of day:

Inhale for 4 counts
Hold for 7 counts
Exhale for 8 counts
Repeat these steps 5 times
and feel the difference.

Slumber Sleep App

Slumber is a free app with a large selection of different audio choices, from traditional nature sounds and white noise to dream stories and sleep meditations. It uses techniques like body scans, binaural beats, and Ericksonian hypnosis to get your body and mind in the right place for a restful sleep.




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